Our Services

Web Design

We develop websites for all types of businesses, from local enterprises like plumbers or painters to international eCommerce shops.

Web Designer 100%

Swiss Managed Hosting

Your Swiss bank for your online business and data.

Hosting Performance 100%


You want to move your business to the next level with an app in the App Store? We got you covered.

App Development 96%

Business Software

Need a custom solution for your business, you can count on us. Odoo is an open source business software that makes flexible solutions possible.

Business Software Development 96%

Cloud Services

Access your documents from everywhere and collaborate in real time. Open all your Office documents and share them.

Business Software Development 100%

Online Marketing

GoogleAds, Facebook, social networks, email campaigns — wherever your potential client is, we will find them with one of the above tools and make him aware of your products/services and turn them into leads.

Business Software Development 100%